New gear for video use

During the last couple of months I have been buying some new gear for video use.

In addition to the new Canon EOS 60D camera and some new Canon lenses, I now have the Glidetrack ShooterSD which you can use both as a camera slider and as a shoulder support. Last week I bought a Velbon DV7000 tripod with the PH-368 fluid head. If you buy a different set of tripod/head, make sure that they can be detached so that you can position the Glidetrack in between the tripod and the head. I also have the LCDVF 3:2 ViewFinder which allows you to have a closer look at the image (a great help when using manual focus) and it also makes shooting handheld easier by stabilizing the camera.

This video is a combination of a couple of test shots using the gear mentioned above. Everything seems to be working just fine. Except that I need more time to learn to use the equipment better...

Testing GlideTrack from Jukka Kolari on Vimeo.

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