Canon Expo: Photos

Here's some photos from the Canon Expo 2010 Paris.

One of the absolute highlights of the expo was the 4K video/multipurpose camera. Ultra-high definition 4K resolution video by the camera was shown on a 30 inch 4K screen and all the small details were there just like I always wanted! There was always a very interested crowd around the these cameras.

Canon also had in the exhibition an array of 8K displays which would be great tools (if they ever come available) for design, printing and video production professionals.

It seems like the megapixel race has not reached it's limits in digital cameras. Not sure if this kind of sensor will ever reach the customers, but Canon has produced a APS-H size CMOS sensor with 120 million pixels!

And if the physical size is no obstacle, you can go really big as seen in this ultra-high sensitivity sensor developed by Canon.

Digital camera technology could also be found at the medical solutions area in the Expo. A special version of a Canon EOS 50D DSLR is used in the CR-2 digital retinal camera designed for eye care specialists and optometricists for screening retinal diseases.

Canon believes that in the not so distant future, mixed / augmented reality will enter the consumer market. The Expo made it clear that Canon wants to be part of this revolution. With thse glasses on, we could see a young football player do tricks with his ball in the middle of the crowd (even though the boy was only present in a 3D'ish video recording). A mixed reality solution (again with special glasses on) gave you the opportunity to step inside a DSLR camera and have a look around by turnong your head.

PS. I also shot some video clips but at the moment I am unable to edit the videos. I'm on a well deserved holiday in France and the computer I have with me just can't cope with the HD videos shot with a DSLR...

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