A Day in the Canon Expo in Paris

Canon's technology exhibition opened early on Tuesday with the keynote speech from Mr. Fujio Mitarai, CEO of Canon Inc. Among other things he shared his visions about the future of global economy and told us something about Canon's plans for the next five years. He envisioned that we will see all kinds of new innovations from Canon, and not only in traditional imaging but also in medical imaging, machine vision and mixed/augmented reality.

Already in Paris we got to see some of Canon's innovations in medical imaging, like mobile digital X-Ray equipment and digital camera based eye care systems.

But of course the main focus of Canon still is and will be in traditional fields of imaging, like in photography, videography and printing,

There were many interesting concepts/prototypes of cameras to be seen in Paris. One of the new concepts shown was a 4K video camera (or "multipurpose camera" as they call it). The camera had an integrated 20x zoom lens and it was a completely functioning device with which you could shoot, zoom and focus. Unfortunately it had no memory card slot so I will have no 4K video material to take home with me :-(

In addition to many kinds of concept cameras we got to see ultra high-resolution (4 and 8 megapixel) LCD monitors and new concept printers. The entry-level Selphy line might be getting bigger print sizes in the future. Also on display was a new pro printer with 12 inks, bigger ink cartridges and faster printing speed than the current Pixma Pro printers. No information was given whether these printers will hit the market or not, but you could sort of read between the lines that all who might be interested should keep their eyes open in 1Q next year.

Tomorrow my laptop arrives to Paris :-) and I will try post some videos from the Expo here. I all goes well...

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